The Epilogue Cabin #2

consolefromRCHA couple of days ago I broke into the martini bunker and wrote a blog post about Johnny Aloha. It was inspired by a song I heard on the Retro Cocktail Hour that’s broadcast out of Lawrence, KS. I saw this cool recording console image while I was rummaging around their website– and now I’m using it to promote the second episode of THE EPILOGUE CABIN!
you can also click here to listen if the player above doesn’t work on your device. Big thanks to Missy for being on the show! The next episode goes up a week from today (Jan. 7)!

2 Responses to The Epilogue Cabin #2

  1. I heard the first part up to after she got married. It shut off, but I’ll try again.

  2. I lost the signal after she got married, but I’ll try again.

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