Let’s Get Small Again

6 tiny rockers“This is not a Christmas gift, it’s just something I want you to have.” That’s what Marijo’s neighbor Joe said when he gave me a tiny acoustic guitar. Even though the frets and strings are real, it’s too small to play. He used to make them as wall ornaments for friends and relatives 40 years ago. I told him I wasn’t just going to just hang his gift on the wall– I was going to pretend to play it in pictures. He thought that was funny. Hang on… those ARE real steel strings… I’m pretty sure I can hook it up to a makey makey and actually play it!

4 Responses to Let’s Get Small Again

  1. Ok. I’m (used to be) from Missouri. I’ll believe it when I see it.

  2. Ok. (I was an okie too).I’ll be anxious to hear you.

  3. Like to see that when we come up. Now all you need is a child prodigy to say “I owe it all to Davy.
    !” Kids love to play with you.

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