Saturday Night @ The Boardroom

usWe had a great time at theĀ Boardroom with Todd and Michelle last Saturday. They are two of our oldest friends. I’ve known Todd since I was 13, and we both have known Michelle since college. We made plans to eat dinner and play board games a few weeks ago, and that’s exactly what happened. The first two games required brain power and strategy. The last one, Pass The Pigs, was pure fun and chance.passthepigsThe game has two tiny pigs that are rolled like dice. It’s like a craps game without the side bets. Scores depend on the different positions in which the pig dice land, but if you roll too many times you WILL pig out (crap out).piggyback

6 Responses to Saturday Night @ The Boardroom

  1. So is this an adult game? Great picture of old friends!

  2. mom, it’s a game for kids from 1 to 92!

  3. OK, but there’s something wrong with your fingers. They are too small for your thumb. What’s up?

    • haha, those small fingers are in the picture on the back of the game– they are not my fingers, but i knew it would make my hand look weird when i took the photo :)

  4. Didn’t even notice that Only saw the top one.

  5. Something like what you did with my arm when we took the picture at Darla’s. By the way, I never got it.

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