Bachelor Parties II

it should be noted that between the consecutive bachelor parties i attended the following events took place: i got 3 or 4 hours of sleep, i worked a 7 hour shift at homer’s, i set up (and tore down) sound equipment for a 2 hour fundraiser gig, in which i also performed. it was no surprise then that the second bachelor party for tim andersen was more subdued than the one 24 hours earlier. tim, bj, frank, drew, and i sat outside yj’s snack bar until 11:30-ish telling stories of surfing, poker, weird music, and other things i can’t remember.

One Response to Bachelor Parties II

  1. That looks like the same place Me, You, and I think CW or somebody and Jenny went to one time when you were at the place with the swimming pool. I remember some guy impersonating Johnny Cash or some country singer was there on a guitar, and you tried to get me to drink some kind or beer- I can’t remember.

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