All the Rest and Less

does anyone remember the gilligan’s island theme song from the first season? the professor and mary ann’s characters weren’t even given a name, they were just “and the rest” in the original lyrics. that being said, here are the rest of the topics i hinted at three posts ago: got a free weed eater that has worked once, auto repairs on the zx2 are (hopefully) are getting finished today… and the podcast? isn’t done yet, but the preview gives a glimpse of how i do things.

3 Responses to All the Rest and Less

  1. Enjoyable.

    Also, have a great trip! The secret to keeping your car running is all in how you talk to it (the car). Rub the dash, remind it how strong it is and then chant, “You can do it. You can d0 it. You can do it.”

  2. O yeah. And then you’d have to wait ’til I got up to get you lunch, or you’d wake me up. You’re probably on your way, but I wish you and Jenny a safe trip. We’re just staying home. Love, Dad.

  3. kelly: thanks for the dash rubbing advice, do i have to speak in a calm voice as well? ;)
    dad: are you referring to when we lived in baldwin park? that’s my earliest memory of watching gilligan’s island. we’re having a great time in iowa, just got done dancing to elvis’ “hunka hunka burnin’ love” you would’ve been proud. thanks for the well wishes. we’ll be on the dunes of lake michigan tomorrow. goodnight.

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