Bachelor Parties Part I

i had the rare privilege of attending two bachelor parties on two consecutive nights this week. friday night’s gathering was for john eddy who got married just a couple of hours ago. he had the rare privilege of getting married on the same day i did. 23 years ago, jenny & i tied the knot the day after my all night bachelor party. watching john, his close friends and family, made me feel like a fly on the wall, like an outsider witnessing an old tribal ceremony as the natives dance to a hypnotic conga beat around a raging fire.

4 Responses to Bachelor Parties Part I

  1. Dave Cedillo Sr.

    Right, son. I thought of you two before and after Friday, and thought about the day that Mom, Herman, Thelma, Dennis and Steve and Dennis came down and you guys got married and we left for El Paso afterwards. I took the swinger and then we drove down to Chetopa and loaded the truck. Anyway, thanks for the birthday card, and I hope you guys had a good 24th. Love always, Dad.

  2. Dave Cedillo Sr.

    Oh, by the way, thanks for the Rocky quiz. I did OK. I only missed the pets and got a 70. I’ll keep the quiz. At that time I was working in Wyandotte. See ‘ya- Dad.

  3. thanks for the anniversary wishes dad. i miss the swinger. sometimes i’ll see one around town, and it turns out to be a duster. i’m glad you liked the rocky quiz! jenny’s sister, andi, gave us a bunch of old dynamite magazines. that’s where the quiz came from.

  4. i was wondering if i could edit this picture to use as cover art

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