My Last Minute Run For Office

Undecided-Norman-RockwellREVISEDballotKID: hey uncle dave, tell me about that time you overcame staggering odds when you ran for governor!
ME: well buddy i didn’t actually run, i just wrote my name* on the ballot, and it wasn’t for governor– it was for a committeeman position for the 10th precinct in overland park. you could do that back in those days. if you wanted to be elected in some counties, all you had to do was make t-shirts that said VOTE FOR DAVE then do an interpretive dance in the local high school, and just wait for the landslide.
*there was literally no name for this position in the primaries tuesday— so i entered myself as a candidate.

4 Responses to My Last Minute Run For Office

  1. welcome to the world of politics. we need a good man. are you in the 10th precinct? we have written our SS teachers name in for president a few times but he forgot the shirts and how to dance, so we didn’t get the landslide!

  2. haha, i think i’m in the 10th precinct. do they let people outside the precinct vote someone in or out?

  3. Anybody that can help me get rid of these stinkin cats in my yard and keep the stinkin mexicans on their side I’ll vote for! I hope you win!

  4. Jim & I were committee members for one year. we got it because, like you, nobody was on the ballot. we were not asked to do anything. didn’t seem to amount to anything. the power isn’t at the bottom, it’s at the top.

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