Hoovie’s Got Me Covered

1984 closeup tee stopping for souvenirs isn’t the safest thing to do during time travel. when you suspend reality, anything can happen… you could throw a rod or lose an axle on re-entry. my friend hoovie took that risk anyway last week & bought me a t-shirt at 1984. mosaic images are cool, because you can almost always go back and see something that you didn’t notice before.1984SHORTER

3 Responses to Hoovie’s Got Me Covered

  1. Most of it is pacman. I remember horrrw you were always playing pacman everyplace we went to eat. There’s other stuff like a frog with a suitcase, a monkey, a movie viewer(you were fascinated by the first kaleidoscopes) , a rubric cube, and of course, a cassette tape, which I still need to convert and make copies of. You”re the consumate 80′s nut, as am I

  2. looks like a nice shirt. I did look twice to try and pick out things I didn’t see the first time. Hope Hoovie is doing well.

  3. hey,.. I own this shirt too, wear it almost every weekend.

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