Behind The Comet

thecometi got behind an old comet yesterday afternoon. it didn’t have a tail & it wasn’t rushing through the cosmos– but it did time travel from the mid-1960′s, and it came from the planet mercury… i mean the mercury auto manufacturer. the mercury comet was actually based on the ford falcon. the four guys riding inside were probably wishing it had air conditioning.

4 Responses to Behind The Comet

  1. Hope it’s not as hot there ss it is here. We’re in our 45th day of 100 or more degrees.

  2. it is amazing how time changes our perspectives. We saw a BIG old Cadillac yesterday and it looked so odd. I think we or our minds have been downsized.

  3. Lars Fessenton

    Overheard conversation between two comics;
    “Look at these cars, they all look the same.”
    “Yep, they’re shavin’ off the edges… same thing they’re doin’ to us.”

  4. long live the Dodge Dart

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