I Confess…

confessionjenny went to omaha over the weekend, and i went back to 1984 in springfield. the last time i did this, it was a kamikaze trip & i got back home that same night around 2am. this time¬†after 6 1/2 hours of saving galaxies, fighting ninjas, and hunting spies, i spent the night at tom & brenda’s farmhouse. i woke up the next day on their couch to the sound of their snoring bulldog. i feel kinda guilty for not calling my mom or sister, but spending that much time in an arcade is a guilty pleasure.

3 Responses to I Confess…

  1. you bugger, I forgive you only because Darla and the girls weren’t at home on saturday. they were with me here canning tomatoes. and we were gone all day on sunday touring AR.
    Glad you had fun and you and Jenny got home safe.

  2. At least you felt guilty, son. That’s important. As long as we have that, it’s a priceless gift that God gives us to guide us through life.

  3. most excellent outing, good walkabout and great talk time as well as game play.

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