Tossed Out Tees

9teessome body contours aren’t meant to be seen, and when t-shirts start stretching across my gut like sausage lining, it’s time for them to go. the skinny kid i used to be is finally accepting the body he’s forced to live in– but one day maybe he’ll shed the fat cells like a winter coat, and a light brighter than the sun will shoot out every pore of his body! heads will turn, angels will sing… and thenĀ  i’ll wake up. goodbye old t-shirts, you were my second skin.

8 Responses to Tossed Out Tees

  1. Lars Fessenton

    Suitable for framing.

  2. if you ever want to have that dream again, I still have the “lamb jam” t shirt you gave me when you were in the best shape I ever remember you in. you can borrow it.

    • thanks mom! i got that lamb jam t-shirt in virginia 26 years ago. i think my metabolism was still pretty high AND i had a job that kept me in shape: moving & filling vending machines!

  3. The only t shirts i like and wear much are: clint Eastwood, duck commander(which i only wear suspenders of) and i used to wear a granpa shirt but i retired it. Speaking of retirement, i had to retire your homers mug be i fouled a crack in it. I’ll have to get a new one soon. It’s sitting by Darla’s plastic happy cup on the shelf. It doesn’t look so lonely now.

  4. I guess you’ found my mistakes in my last message. It”s supposed to read: because i found a crack in it”.

  5. By the way that happy cup is about 40 years old.

  6. Get your metabolism back up.

  7. hows that “NEW AND IMPROVED” 1984 SHIRT working for you. Keep it our of the recycle pile for a while..

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