chopsticksmolly posted this on facebook last night. it was her birthday (happy belated!), so naturally she fed fernando a smoked salmon roll. when i commented on how funny this was, she replied “i mean, it’s not like he has opposable thumbs with which to use the chopsticks himself….” i love you molly.

7 Responses to Chopsticks

  1. that looks like 1 big LUCKY dog. I love salmon, if we were closer we could celebrate birthdays and salmon together.

  2. mom, i didn’t know you liked salmon!


  4. What’s the big deal? I mean it’s not like the dog licks his… err.
    Happy Birthday Mom! May you not get any dog butt licked smoked salmon rolls at your party.

  5. I had already eaten my sushi. These chopsticks did not go back in my mouth after feeding Nando. :) happy birthday, Kathy!!

  6. And happy(belated) birthday to the mother of my kids and what wonderful kids they are! I remember someone saying better never than late (I think it was Mrs Kelsey, my English teacher), but in this case, I hope it’s better late than never.

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