Town & Country Mice

the-town-mouse-and-the-country-mouse-arthur-rackhamtom geeding & i used to post on another blog years ago under assumed names. he was skeeter and i was carlo, we were basically the country mouse and the city mouse. here’s a peek into that past:
August 25, 2005
Naval beans started with a chill and a pan,
No one can cream a mushroom can,
I dodged a skillet, but I came out scathed
My reflexes weren’t fast so I stopped and I bathed.

- Carlo
I can see why Mrs. Carlo doesn’t let you cook much. Personally, I like to burn the remains of dead animals overall fiery hot coals until these remains are as charred as the coals themselves. Mrs. Skeeter does not let me cook much either.
- Skeeter
August 17, 2005
I just killed four fat flies… is it autumn already?
- Carlo
I just saw four fat women in spaghetti straps and low rider jeans, blobs oozing everywhere … unfortunately, it is still summer.
- Skeeter
August 09, 2005
…had this been an actual emergency you would have been instructed to seek shelter, loot stores, and pack heat.
- Carlo
Packing heat is cool unless someone else is packing heat while you’re packing heat which can really heat things up until one of you ends up cold.
- Skeeter

3 Responses to Town & Country Mice

  1. I think both of you read that story about the country and city mouse when you were kids and were prolonging it through your conversations. Which one of you was which?

  2. As i re-read this, I presume you’re the city mouse; right?

  3. yes, he was living in joplin at the time, so that made me the city mouse.

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