Maiden Voyage Of The Teeter Totter

rossandkitchlast saturday the library let loose with a big fundraiser. people got dressed up, and the talk and listen teeter totter was the first thing they saw at the main entrance. some attendees were curious and asked about it, but most of them were in a hurry to get inside when it started storming. ross and kitch were excellent teeter totter riders. they had wireless microphones & took turns asking weird questions and giving weirder answers. ross’ daughter grace even helped moderate with a bullhorn.me_n_jennythere were many cool things to experience that night like drinking cold brew from an electric coffee car, and listening to great music, but the best part was sharing it all with┬ájenny! she didn’t even mind that i sorta looked like art carney.artcarney

4 Responses to Maiden Voyage Of The Teeter Totter

  1. Wow! I saw it I think day before yesterday and I still am thinking about it. I guess it’s the future technology. You’re way ahead of it, son. That’s a cute picture of you and Jenny.

  2. dad, i’m not really using future technology, i’m just trying to get people to let go of their preconceptions by talking and listening to each other.

  3. Now, if it made tea THAT would be something!

  4. chris, grace is holding the bullhorn (in the pic) that you got for me years ago btw.

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