The Falcon Knew

64FALCONon my way to the makerspace this morning i saw something that made me smile: a white 1964 falcon. for me, it was a sign that i was gonna have a good day. now it’s 7 hours later and i have learned how to do more things at the makerspace, made significant accomplishments on my teeter totter project, and i met some people that are going to help me make the big teeter totter look visually cool. that old falcon was right.

4 Responses to The Falcon Knew

  1. nice picture. you know I was never turned on by the falcon, but this one and a few I’ve seen really do look nice. wouldn’t it be cool to have one that was dependable for today? sounds like you are enjoying working on your project, I hope as time and work progress, you can accomplish your goals while enjoying the work

  2. That falcon reminds me of the tempest your mom had when she was young.

  3. mom & dad, i don’t know if you remember this, but grandad took me to a car lot in joplin (roper’s i think) & we looked at a ’64 falcon. it was white w/a red interior. he said “you’re going to be driving soon so we need to look at cars.” when a salesman said the car’s price was $2500, grandad said “are you trying to rip off my grandson just because he’s a kid?” the guy got flustered & knocked $500 off the price in his next sentence.

  4. oh my goodness, I don’t remember that but can understand why you would. I’ll bet you had a good time and that’s a great memory. God bless you both.

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