Ode To Saturday Mornings Part 2

bugsndaffytoday’s post is a continuation of one i made back in march about saturday mornings. if you read yesterday’s entry & listened to the slow industrial mp3 i put on there, you probably need a “pick me up” here it is.

saturday we’d wake up at seven
wishin’ it was eight
that’s when we could watch cartoons
we were never late

hit the lights
this is it the night of nights
we never wanted it to end

nobody waits today
everybody has a phone
i’ll build a time machine
on my saturdays at home

eatin’ cereal
in my pajamas
got a remote
in my right hand

don’t have to get up
until i shower
and that won’t be
til sometime after noon

2 Responses to Ode To Saturday Mornings Part 2

  1. Cool! I finally got the sound. Remember the tune for the show? It would go good with those lyrics. By the way, I ‘m trading in my trumpet for a cornet. I’ll call you on that.

  2. thank god for those cartoons, only time I got to sleep in. :)

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