The Pontiac

tomwaitsnightcarthe pontiac is a short spoken track from a 3-CD set that tom waits released 11 years ago. it feels more familiar than a gas pedal under my right foot. so click here, close your eyes, and just like me you’ll be sitting with someone’s dad in a greasy spoon near a bus stop on memory lane.

4 Responses to The Pontiac

  1. We loved that. Is the whole CD conversation? Still can’t keep my CD’s and DVD’s straight! Receiving your blog makes me feel like we’re talking every morning. Thanks Son

  2. You know my car conversations would only include a few models, and mostly chevies. The only ‘gas hog’ that I remember was the dodge.

  3. mom: no, the whole CD is not like that. he usually just records one or two spoken tracks on an album or CD. and yeah, i feel like we’re talking every morning too!
    dad: what kinda mileage did the santa fe tan chevy truck get? it couldn’t have been much better than the dodge.

  4. Conservatively, I’d say 15-17. Remember, they weren’t as economical as today, but still today the silverado gets about the same.

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