The Banjo

banjonmescott thompson gave me a banjo last sunday. he paid $20 for it at a garage sale down in branson, but after the novelty wore off he asked “do you want it?” i took it before he could change his mind. now i’ve never played the banjo before, but i could still come up with a little riff to put onĀ this song that needed something. the lyrics might be hard to make out in some places, so i’ll show them here:

he was swingin’ through the trees
with a rhythm that was far from human
but the little furry creatures ran for cover
when he hit the ground

he moved with purpose
like a new car still in the factory
you could hear him yodel like a train
on his way into town

he was the stuff of legend
but he was just a man
he didn’t need a reservation
he could sit wherever he wanted

he knows where the bodies are buried
because he put ‘em there
but they all had it coming
everybody makes a choice

don’t look him in the eye
unless you wanna die
you better count to ten
before you do it again

2 Responses to The Banjo

  1. It would be nice if I could hear it, but I can’t get it downloaded. Tell me what key, time signature and mode (major or minor). Looks like it might be minor and even in tempo, and a mix between wiley coyote and evil roy slade.

  2. Now that I think about it, he seems more like a cross between Yosemite Sam, rango and the taz.

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