Shady People & Me

shadypeepsmy prescription glasses broke sunday afternoon. fortunately i have another pair, but they are prescription sunglasses. that’s what i wore monday morning at homer’s. i didn’t know what assumptions my customers would make since i never keep my shades on after walking indoors. however angela (left) usually keeps hers on when she orders her coffee and shot of espresso, so i asked if we could take our pic together. a few hours later dave (right) was taking his shades off when i said “put ‘em back on! i gotta get another picture!” ashley (not pictured) also took a pic of both of us wearing shades inside homer’s, but she hasn’t sent it to me yet.

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  1. I hope you get yours back soon. I know what it feels like to be out of sinc. I used to be nearsighted, and now I’m farsighted. I have to wear glasses to see near.

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