My First Teenage Engineering Synth

PO20arcadea couple of weeks ago i heard about a company that makes $60 synthesizers that can fit in your pocket. i watched a few youtube videos, and my fate was sealed. i had to own one. teenage engineering currently has 6 of these gadgets to choose from, and i opted for the PO-20 arcade. here are some of the chord progressions that you can play, modify, or replace with something original. i’m having so much fun with this one, that i ordered the PO-24 office also. it makes weird rhythms using the sound of office equipment from the 1980′s like a dot matrix printer or a  floppy disk drive.

One Response to My First Teenage Engineering Synth

  1. Sounds good, son. It’s got an exciting rhythm, and I’m sure you’ll be able to arrange some good melodies and lyrics that might go with it. I’d venture to guess that the writer of Eye of the Tiger’ might have been inspired by that kind of sound. Good luck and God bless and help you in your work always.

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