Gas & Fog

gasandfoglast thursday exactly one week ago jenny & i woke up to the sound of beeping… at 5am. the culprit was our electric kenmore stove, and apparently something in that model can be triggered to flash “F-1″ and beep without mercy. the next day my guitar student and i switched out the electric stove for one that runs on gas. i found it on craigslist for $100. and then saturday i saw a fog machine at an antique mall for $20 and bought it for $15. i now own two machines that spew gas and fog… it’s almost like having another old car! extra special thanks to jim cameron for showing me how to safely attach a ventless heater to the gas line 5 years ago, without that experience i would not have attempted to hook up a gas stove.

3 Responses to Gas & Fog

  1. I can understand the stove but why in the world would you need a fog machine? :)

  2. i could answer that question so many ways, mom:
    “i miss the smog”
    “i need it to create the illusion of time travel”
    “it will look REALLY cool when i add laser lights”
    …the truth is i just really like fog

  3. When you said ‘it’s almost like having another old car’, I thought you were going to say ‘It’s almost like having another old fart’, because old guys, as you might know spew out gas and are always in a fog.

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