Sweet Music, Good Beeps

IMG_20150627_091254motel mancini had great weather at the river market last saturday. the temps topped out in the 80s, and the humidity was low for kansas city. we played in front of winslow’s barbeque, got to know other buskers, and thanked everyone who dropped a dollar in our collective hat. we plan on setting up again july 18 from 7:30-noon. NeverEnding-Storymy other project, beep goes the weasel, also benefited from the mild weather last saturday. we played for (and with) grown ups and kids before each movie at the boulevard drive-in. the manager told me he counted 850 cars that night. we’ll do it again july 10 @ 8:30pm. on july 11 we’ll beep at the santa fe commons @ 7pm before the neverending story! you can click here to find out where we are beeping this summer… and beyond.

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  1. You’re getting lots of exposure and having fun while doing what you enjoy. What more could we ask for. Keep on strumming and beeping. You make us proud. Hope Chris and Banjo have as much fun.

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