Double Down This Saturday

A_MakeyMakey650this saturday, june 27 will be full of beats, beeps, and sweet sweet music. early in the morning i’ll be at the river market with motel mancini from 7-noon, then it will be time for pain meds and lunch, and finally at dusk we’ll wire up produce from the culinary center and play at the boulevard drive in for beep goes the weasel! the first movie is inside out starting @ 9:20, followed by jurassic world @ 10:55.

4 Responses to Double Down This Saturday

  1. Son, do you ever feel like you’re doing surgery on those poor little veggies? Makes me think of Jim being wired to his pacemaker!
    Have fun.

  2. yeah mom, i do feel like that sometimes, especially when one of them stops beeping and i have to re-wire it! it’s supposed to be great weather tomorrow so i’ve got high hopes

  3. I think you made a mistake. Wasn’t that supposed to be June 27 instead of July? Anyway, that sounds like an interesting thing to do on July 25. It’s not so great weather here. It’s about 98 all week. I’ll be interested to find out what the weather is going to be out there then.

  4. you’re right dad. i’m gonna change it now (even though it’s over and we had a good time)

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