June 12-16 Maker Fun Factory VBS @ OP Lutheran 7810 W 79th St, Overland Park, KS. we’ll be playing the following songs on carrots and celery:
Moon River
Star Wars
Charlie Brown
Jesus Loves Me

Beep Goes The Weasel is also coming to the Johnson County Library later this year! check back for fall and winter dates!

shower curtains– GUITAR: dave, THEREMIN: angie
walk like a casio– VOLCA BEATS, KOSMICHE APP, CASIO: dave
lurch– GUITAR: dave, THEREMIN: angie
local life– SYNTH: looped, FRUIT & VEGGIES: random pedestrians, THEREMIN: angie, CIRCUIT BENT SPEAK AND MATH: dave
smooth and crunchy– GUITAR: dave, KEYBOARD: angie

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