Motel Mancini On Mingle

bigger ussomeone on mingle posted this pic of motel mancini. pictured from right to left it’s me, chris, and dan fitzgerald, the nomad banjo player. i’m not really sure what mingle actually is besides an online place to post photos. motel mancini is what chris and i are calling ourselves these days. it’s cool when someone like dan checks in.

2 Responses to Motel Mancini On Mingle

  1. Looks like that group could use a good trumpet!(I guess I should have heard ‘y all before saying that) I’ll probably get kicked out like I did from the Galleros in E.P. in our family reunion. However, I stayed in ’til they bid me goodbye because it was my family (Torres) reunion. I got my toots in, though.

  2. hey dad, yeah the songs we play WOULD sound good w/a trumpet! glad to hear to you’re still raisin’ cain

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