I Am The Lone Wolf

lonewolfjenny is out of town for a few days, so i am the lone wolf. ok, wait a minute, that isn’t right: i have my trusty cat, max by my side, but even he runs for cover when i start showing my fangs. the lone wolf feeling started to seep in after the dust settled. here’s what happened when the fur was flying:
friday i made noise on the sidewalk for local life, and handed out fliers for beep goes the weasel. saturday i joined chris mull at the river market where we played guitars in the shade and made a few bucks. we also made a new friend (dan) who plays a killer banjo! we are calling ourselves motel mancini and hoping for the best. this morning i took an aspirin for muscle pain, went to church, and played songs by tom waits, dawes, and talking heads.

4 Responses to I Am The Lone Wolf

  1. Well it’s about time you made a post! I know God knows Tom waits, daws, and talking heads by name but does he like their music in his house? Oh yeah and I’m really not sure of plastic jesus????
    I don’t want to sound like I’m badgering you, I really like hearing what you’re doing and I know God is happy hearing from you too. He must have a great sense of humor. How’s the muscle pain this
    morning? Darla said I could text M.L., she is already home sick.

  2. how did you find out about plastic jesus? the muscle pain is pretty much gone. sorry to hear that mary lynn is homesick.

  3. Jenny, my dear sweet daughter,your wife told me. A mother always knows sooner or later! ;)
    Glad the muscles are feeling better.
    Get M.L.’s phone number from Darla, I think it’s OK to text her.
    I still and always will love you

  4. I’d like to cheer you and M.L. up, but I think you’re feeling better. I’ll get M.L’s number from Chiquina if possible, to text.

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