Monthly Archives: May 2020

Comfort Zones

retroistARCADEIt’s weird, and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard someone say “these are weird times.” When things get really weird I tend to burrow in and find comfort where I can. What are my comfort zones? They are the happy places in my head where I can sort of escape reality. They are the arcade games and MTV videos in my lounge. They are the American Top 40 Countdowns from the 80′s that play in the background while I pay bills online. They are the podcasts that I listen to while doing dishes or driving around the metro.

Each Fire Is Different

chimenea 2020Jenny and I have been spending more time in front of the chimenea lately. It just feels healthier than watching TV. The cracking, popping, and flicker of the flames is almost hypnotic. Wednesday night she said “No two fires are the same. They’re sort of like snowflakes. Each one is different.”¬†

May Loners

juansolo“When May the 4th (Be With You) and Cinco de Mayo fall on quarantine.” That was the caption for this image that Chrisy Mull posted on facebook. It made me laugh out loud. This poor compadre doesn’t even have¬†Chewbacca by his side!

The Self Consuming Breakfast

sausagepacmanLast week I finally did it. I made a breakfast that could eat itself. I didn’t know that a sausage patty could come back to life like that. It stopped chomping long enough for me to take a picture. The weirdest part was how it made the “wokka wokka” sound with each bite.

The West Is The Best

merodolfoandmelissaBack in 8th grade I drew a cartoon with cowboys and indians for the junior high newspaper, Moccasin Prints. THE WEST IS THE BEST was written on one of the comic panels, and my friend, Melissa West, said “I like that caption!” Well here we are 40 years later (sigh!) I’ve waited long enough. I can use that caption again for THE EPILOGUE CABIN featuring Melissa West!

You See What They Did There?

guysholdingnewspaperTuesday’s crossword puzzle had some pretty good puns in it. I can’t always tell if the pistons in my brain are firing when I wake up, but if I can figure out the answers to a New York Times’ crossword clue after Monday (they get harder each day of the week), I know the gears are starting to turn. Here are the ones I laughed at on Tuesday:
Where did the sitcom writers meet? TV reception
Where did the mathematicians meet? Trig function
Where did the pharmacists meet? Medicine ball
Where did the Google employees meet? Search party