May Loners

juansolo“When May the 4th (Be With You) and Cinco de Mayo fall on quarantine.” That was the caption for this image that Chrisy Mull posted on facebook. It made me laugh out loud. This poor compadre doesn’t even haveĀ Chewbacca by his side!

8 Responses to May Loners

  1. Very sad. Such a happy day for many and to be deprived of it is sad.
    The girls hung green,white and red streamers in the trees, danced to Latin music and we ate tacos outside.

  2. Son, it’s compadre. Comadre’s female. We didn’t even go outside. Juarez has over over 100 (reported) deaths and the El Paso diocese priest said going to meet your mother is not a show of love.

    • thanks for catching my spelling error Dad! I actually meant to write “compadre” the first time. I didn’t know that “comadre” was even a term. Makes sense though.

  3. We’d love to see any pictures if they were taken.

  4. Oh, and get this. The mayor of Juarez tested positive and the governor of Chihuahua (the state Juarez is in) is on quarantine ’cause he met the mayor before he tested.

  5. Yes I did get pictures. They are on their way and to Dave & Abby as well.

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