The Self Consuming Breakfast

sausagepacmanLast week I finally did it. I made a breakfast that could eat itself. I didn’t know that a sausage patty could come back to life like that. It stopped chomping long enough for me to take a picture. The weirdest part was how it made the “wokka wokka” sound with each bite.

4 Responses to The Self Consuming Breakfast

  1. Looks like my bkfst this am, only the eggs were scrambled, and it was fried bologne with cheese (the potatos were identical), decaf , corn tortillas and cornflakes.

    • sounds scrumptious Dad! and also, why didn’t you take a picture with all those breakfast items? It could have looked like Space Invaders!

  2. Having too much fun playing in your food! Those poor potatoes. That’s exactly how I felt when I tried to play Pac man. I knew there was no winning unless I just walked away. I won every game by doing that!

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