Comfort Zones

retroistARCADEIt’s weird, and I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard someone say “these are weird times.” When things get really weird I tend to burrow in and find comfort where I can. What are my comfort zones? They are the happy places in my head where I can sort of escape reality. They are the arcade games and MTV videos in my lounge. They are the American Top 40 Countdowns from the 80′s that play in the background while I pay bills online. They are the podcasts that I listen to while doing dishes or driving around the metro.

4 Responses to Comfort Zones

  1. They are the amount of new bean seedlings that I count each morning that are going to try to make it through this sizzling summer.

  2. These are weird and historical times. We have watched and counted 5 baby wrens hatch and fly away. 4 baby chicks hatch and now following mamma everywhere. This has been an iris year. They have bloomed their little hearts out, and continue. The excessive amount of rain has played havoc on keeping the grass mowed but has been a blessing on most everything else except the watermelon. It drowned during yesterday morning rain! Guess that’s what we get for planting in a flood zone! Happy thoughts to you.

  3. I understand and relate completely, my escape is similar and always a welcome time for my mind.

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