Show #6 Is On The Air

biggerengineerWe can all breathe easier now. The sound crew worked their magic on the latest episode of THE EPILOGUE CABIN last night while I covered an empty shift at Homer’s. By the time I got home the guys were patting each other on the back and heading to the local tavern. They invited me to go, but I said “no thanks” and stayed home and watched The Human Duplicators on Mystery Science Theatre. Enough of my shenanigans… heeeeere’s Becky!

2 Responses to Show #6 Is On The Air

  1. The best conversation yet. I think you have become more relaxed and questions flow a little easier. Becky was a good interview. She was very honest and you both complimented the conversation.
    Keep it up and maybe sometime in the future you can have a reunion of Epilogue Cabin stars! Hey I like that idea, can I come? ;)

    • Thanks Mom!!! I literally sat back and sighed after we hung up. I knew it was going to be a good honest show. And heck yeah you can come to that reunion show!

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