Daylene Visits The Epilogue Cabin

oklahomabiggerToday’s guest on THE EPILOGUE CABIN moved to Oklahoma sometime after high school. It’s been 25 years since I’ve seen Daylene. We used to ride the bus to school together and rehearse for the school plays. We got caught up recently, and talked for an hour about old times and how our lives turned out.

3 Responses to Daylene Visits The Epilogue Cabin

  1. That was your best visit with an old classmate. It was easy conversation .
    Keep up the good work. Hope many more are listening and come forward

  2. thanks Mom! I feel like a pseudo therapist asking all these questions! :)

  3. Now you kinda know what (not exactly at the same capacity, but I’ve been on mostly the grunt end of it) I’ve been working at-on and off- for the last 45 years. I think it’s close to quittin’ time Darla reminded me last night.

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