Beeping @ VBS

vbs NOT vbsVBS is not an independent tv station, it stands for vacation bible school! and when i found out about the Maker Fun Factory VBS program last week, i volunteered beep goes the weasel to be a part of it. in five nights i played (and let the kids play) on celery sticks, carrot sticks, bell peppers, silverware, electric paint, and aluminum foil.

3 Responses to Beeping @ VBS

  1. Don’t feel bad about missing out on all the time and writing every day. I’m just now catching up on all your beeps and stuff and really enjoy them. I really liked the one on your vacation. That was so neat. Glad you both made it home safe.

  2. thanks dad!

  3. a new venue and new applications or utensils or items to play. how did the foil, silverware electric paint? go? are we getting dangerous here? did anybody light up? I actually heard a melody.

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