Oh What A Beautiful Morning

beautifulmorningmom used to sing this song to wake me (and my sister) up. it was usually when we had to be somewhere like school or church. when she finally broke through our unconsciousness barriers, we felt like the morning was ANYTHING but beautiful, and we both would moan “aw, c’mon mom!” but god bless her, my mother kept singing, kept at it, kept chiselling away at our rocky resistance because she knew that something beautiful was underneath. something that could be coaxed out by a song. thanks mom.

4 Responses to Oh What A Beautiful Morning

  1. A lot of sweet memories accompany that song; like the four beautiful years in that state with you kids and afterwards playing in the musical in Kansas.

  2. you know how to make me feel good. I’m so blessed. I remember lots of beautiful mornings coaxing you 2 out of bed. before I get teary-eyed why did you want to know my telephone number when I lived with mom & dad? I checked with Jeannie and she agreed except she knew the area code too. 213

  3. mom, i work w/chloĆ© on monday mornings, and i was telling her how phone numbers used to start w/names. it’s something that my generation knew about (even though we never used that system), and i liked showing chloĆ© how the letters are still on a phone’s number pad… even smart phones. it’s just one of those things that fascinate me.

  4. ok, I was trying to tie it in to ” oh what a beautiful morning “

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