Reverse Oasis

cactus societylast night jenny & i were driving on the missouri side, and walked around loose park. it’s one of kansas city’s larger parks with enough space to throw frisbees or play tennis, soccer, and drums (all at the same time!) many photographers go there for the rose garden, but when i saw the cactus garden, i said “jenny take a picture of me here!” heck, i might even join the cactus & succulent society! it’s cheaper than AARP!

4 Responses to Reverse Oasis

  1. Actually, Abby and I are going to look into AARP car insurance. We got a quote from them and just haven’t had time to follow through. That looks like a nice cactus garden. Just needs a lot of sand, mesquite and hope there’s no snakes or tarantulas.

  2. Son, why are you wearing a english flag shirt?

  3. Mom– because it was clean

  4. if it was the only one clean that must mean you don’t wear it often . OK. ;)

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