The Gardens Went Beep!

best beepsi got a call from brianna. she’s the activites director for the gardens at jackson creek. she caught beep goes the weasel one time in front of salon kitch, and asked if we could play at the gardens for family fun time! it was short notice, but we made it work last saturday. we were joined by cookie the clown, who played a instrument with his nose, but it sounded like it was being played by another part of his body.

2 Responses to The Gardens Went Beep!

  1. Wasn’t Jenny’s mom and dad at the gardens? looks like the children are having fun, not so sure about you? You really need help when you beep don’t you? Dare I guess what other part of the body the clowns instrument sounded like?

  2. Looks like you’re reading music. How are the eyes holding out? I’m doing a lot better now that I have new lenses. I actually enjoy playing now that I can see far away.

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