They Had My Number & It Was 50

DCIM100MEDIAi turned 50 a few days ago. my wife put together a party last saturday & invited some friends and family. we didn’t pin the tail on the donkey, or give a spanking for each year that had passed– both of those stopped happening after my family left california. however, part of last saturday’s activities included putting name tags all over me. each guest was asked to write a word or phrase that described “dave.” that’s mom, me, and my sister in the pic above.

3 Responses to They Had My Number & It Was 50

  1. Son, that just looks beautiful. I know what I would have written on my tag: the word that I described you with when you were born: Pirate, because you have stolen the heart of everybody you’ve been in contact with since you were born. Love you. Dad and Abby.

  2. aw thanks dad! nobody else calls me pirate!

  3. What a fun party. Can’t wait to see all the pictures. I know Mia took a bunch. What a sweet comment your Dad made. Do you remember that he always called you Pirate? You know, I don’t remember if I ever knew why, but what he said about his name for you is true. He is a smart man.

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