My Second Teenage Engineering Synth

officeandarcadei was having SO much fun with my first teenage engineering synth that i bought another one. the new one is on the left. it is the PO-24 office, and it can be synced with the PO-20 arcade (as pictured above). if you look at each screen you can also see a clock function. i took this picture at 6:59pm. here’s a two minute recording i made using both of these synths.

2 Responses to My Second Teenage Engineering Synth

  1. Cool. Abby and I liked it. We’re trying to stay cool by watching Christmas Tv shows. We’re waiting for a cold front of about 101 that’s supposed to be here next Tuesday. I’m trying to get Lion king and a couple of other tunes recorded for the grandkids. I might use your gadget for that I’ll send you a copy or something when I finish.

  2. JIM likes it. I could listen to it for the 2 min. it played. I did get scared though when I tried to stop it early and it wouldn’t go away. Don’t know if I could listen to it for as long as it would take me to find a hammer to crush my phone! Jim says I shouldn’t say that. I do love your imagination. This reminds me of the elevator music when I’m on hold with my dentist. : )

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