Night Of The Living Geezers

channel84tvyears ago tom geeding and i created an online cartoon strip about a fictitious TV station and called it channel 84. i’m not sure i even owned a computer at the time. it seems like i was always driving to the library to send him an email. his youngest son michael bought the rights to channel 84, and turned it into a gaming podcast. last week he interviewed us, and we talked about a lot of stuff including the show’s humble origins. pictured above from left to right: tom, nick (tom’s oldest son), me, and michael.

4 Responses to Night Of The Living Geezers

  1. I didn’t know you wore crocks.

  2. I do remember that strip you had, though. I used to look for it every week. Do you have any episodes of it anywhere?

  3. I guess I’m showing my senility by doing what I tell my students not to do. Anyway, I really enjoyed those cartoons. I hope you can get something like that going again.

  4. hey dad, i’m pretty sure there aren’t any episodes of channel 84 tv cartoons online, but i can check w/tom and let you know. oh, i got your birthday card right after we talked saturday, thanks!

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