Boots To Dye For

HENRYShirt? Check! Pants? Check! Boots? CHECK THESE OUT!!!!  New work attire rules require me to wear black shoes at KU along with a blue shirt and black pants.  Yep, they want me black and blue.  However, I don’t own a black pair of shoes– my old black and white sneakers fell apart years ago.  So the only sensible affordable thing to do was to dye my brown boots black.  Henry, my shoe repair guy down the street, sold me a bottle of color preparation and leather dye for $16 and told me how to do it– three hours later I had the right footwear for work.  Wham, Bam, thank you Henry!

One Response to Boots To Dye For

  1. Boots look pretty spiffy, and an economical way to solve that problem. Proud of you. I always like to see some kind of uniform on any service oriented job. Gives me a feeling of confidence on their part. Send me a picture of you dressed for work.

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