Please Buy Again

buyagainIt was something I would have never done as a teenager.  The box of girl scout cookies came with a note that read “thank you… please buy again.”  One of my co-workers took orders for her daughter’s girl scout troop in the clinic.  I pulled $5 out of my wallet so I could have a box of cookies myself.  When Kyafia delivered the cookies they came with this note to ‘buy again.’  I told my co-worker, “your daughter has a lot of nerve.  She’s going to be an executive in an office someday.  Can I take a selfie with the mother of a future up-and-comer?”  She said “sure.”kyafiaandme

One Response to Please Buy Again

  1. Children today are not taught good etiquette. I don’t remember teaching you and Darla as much as I should have.
    It was a nice note. I still like to see the little girls doing the selling.

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