ratsThings that were blurry now have a focus.  I stopped spinning, but the world didn’t.  My last blog post was over 3 weeks ago, and my father wants to know what a GIF is.  The shortest answer to that question is, it’s the moving image in this blog post.  The longer answer is Graphic Interchange Format, and the first one was made in 1987 according to Wikipedia.  I remember when I didn’t know what something was and I asked my parents.  If they weren’t sure we’d look it up in the encyclopedia.  We knew that information wasn’t necessarily the most recent information– but it was solid, and nobody doubted its validity.  Now there’s too much information at our fingertips, and everything we know can be argued and disputed.  I miss the authority of those old encyclopedias.

3 Responses to TGTKOG: Rats

  1. Rats!

  2. Sorry for my delaid response, I thought you had stopped blogging.
    Those were the days, seems things were much simpler back then. I don’t like it now when I’m proven wrong because of lack of information.

    • It’s cool Mom, I’ve never gone that long between blog posts before so I can see where you might come to that conclusion. I’ll call you later this coming week. Love you.

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