TGTKOG: Good Morning!

This is a GIF I first posted when I was a contact tracer last year.  My co-workers and I would wish each other “good morning!” each day in a chat room since we all worked from home.  They usually posted a sunrise GIF or a coffee drinker GIF.  I wanted to be different.  In my search for gems from TV’s past, I struck gold when I found Lindsay Wagner as the Bionic Woman.  I typed “70′s morning” in the search bar and there she was.  When you need a little boost to get a jump on your day this GIF will lift your spirits!

2 Responses to TGTKOG: Good Morning!

  1. Without coffee or before coffee?

  2. Let me know what ‘GIF’s’ means ’cause I’ve just gotten back to your posts since starting subbing again. Also, look at your last text.

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