Chaos In The Mailroom

BIGGER_mailroomThis is what happens when time gets away from me and I don’t make a blog post for a few days.  My brain turns into a crowded warehouse that starts filling up with unrecorded stories that resemble envelopes stuffed with bills, junkmail, cards, and letters.  I think the nearest woman up there is reaching for one about Hoovie this weekend.  We played pinball, drank beers, and found some cool treasures in the West Bottoms.   

2 Responses to Chaos In The Mailroom

  1. Boy-o-boy, do I know that feeling. I’ve lost April & May months out of my calendar book. How in the world did that happen?

  2. I keep all my monthly important dates on the kitchen calendar. I’m not as bad as Chin-gao Joe, tho. He can’t even find the kitchen.

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