That Towel is DynOmite!

DYNOMITE_JennyJenny’s family visited KC this weekend and brought down some stuff they didn’t want anymore like this dynamite, excuse me– DynOmite beach towel! Jenny thinks Andi got it from their parents, and Dean and Thelma probably got it at a church district assembly. I might call Andi later and find out, but right now I just like the idea of my in-laws talking to a sales clerk and saying “This towel is ok, but don’t you have any more Jimmie Walker towels? Those are the ones that really say ‘DYNO-MIIIIITE!’”

2 Responses to That Towel is DynOmite!

  1. After looking at the shows again, I was reminded of just how great those old shows were; and of the great actors, like the parents. They taught family values that aren’t shown today on tv.

  2. Also, the humor was dynomiiite!

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