Joe’s Mini Series: Little Buck

BUCKHoly cow this little guitar feels like a Tiger By The Tail and all it has to do is Act Naturally, that’s right I’m talking about another one of Joe’s little guitars that I nicknamed Buck after Buck Owens. I’ve watched enough episodes of Hee Haw to recognize that red white and blue beauty anywhere!buckowensSHAVED

3 Responses to Joe’s Mini Series: Little Buck

  1. Your memory amazes me. Hope it always bring back GOOD memories.
    Joe is quite the artist in his own way.

  2. Yep I don’t know if Buck’s still around, but I’m pretty sure Jimmy Dean is. I always hear his sausage commercials.

    • Dad, they’re both gone. Jimmy Dean died over 10 years ago, and Buck Owens stopped roaming the streets of Bakersfield in ’06. *sigh*

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