What Started On The Sidewalk

tuning carrotsTwo weeks ago I played bananas and spinach leaves in front of Evolve in downtown Overland Park. It was the most melodic Beep Goes The Weasel had ever sounded… and of course no audio was recorded. I was too busy finding a good chord progression. The one I landed on was G, E minor repeated a couple of times then C, A minor, and D for the turnaround. Instruments used for the composition were:
-Bare Conductive Board with baby carrot sticks
-Arcade Pocket Operator
A few days later I realized I could re-create the sound in my lounge. TheĀ audio isn’t the greatest, but you can hear all of the gadgets. The last high note happened when I ate one of the carrot sticks.
tuning theremin

2 Responses to What Started On The Sidewalk

  1. I looked at your pictures. You’ve been around with your veggie friends!

  2. always like the music and hey,….love that game system in your lounge!

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