How I Beeped On My Birthday

evolveLast Friday I turned 54. Holy cow… I just realized that number is a dyslexic version of the year I turned 45 and posted an Elvis Costello video on this blog 9 years ago! Hmmm… well anyway, a few months ago Penny asked if I could do Beep Goes the Weasel in front of the health food store she manages. When she offered free fruits and vegetables for my keyboard, and a smoothie on the house, I couldn’t say no. She knew the right buttons to push. I haven’t played with someone else’s food since the Culinary Center provided me with a steady supply in 2015. Penny is a manager at Evolve just down the street from Homer’s. There was even an electric outlet right out front!

7 Responses to How I Beeped On My Birthday

  1. Wow if Evolve is just down the street from Homers, your little town is changing fast. Anxious to be able to come up and walk around like we use to.

  2. My baby boy 54 years young, aren’t we lucky!

    • yeah Mom, there’s quite a bit that’s changed on 80th street. You’ll still be able to find your way back to our house though! :)

  3. You did more than beep on your birthday. You peeped (the eye of the pirate). I know somewhere there’s a picture of it.

    • Dad, was that when you were playing solitaire on the floor & I crawled under your armpit to see your cards? I know that picture is around here somewhere.

  4. That was on your 1st birthday.

  5. 54,…It’s coming for me too friend

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