My Bologna Has A New Name

bigbolognakid Yeah, that’s the kid that sang a song about Oscar Mayer bologna in the 1970′s. It’s a jingle that is forever implanted in my long term memory banks. Recently I heard an advertisement for Oscar Mayer Natural on the Office Ladies podcast. When the hosts read an ad about meat with no artificial flavoring, preservatives, additives, etc. it caught my attention. I thought “Wow! My bologna has a NEW name!” and that’s when the creative juices started flowing. This is the spot that I heard read by Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey (co-hosts of the podcast)– and this is the recording that I emailed them yesterday.

5 Responses to My Bologna Has A New Name

  1. Like your song!

  2. Noice! My wife won’t allow bologna in the house, so I only eat it when I visit my dad who still keeps it in his fridge. On white bread of course, with mustard usually. Or if I’m feeling fancy, mayonnaise. Fries up real nice too.
    It tastes like nostalgia because we ate so much of it growing up. In my childhood we even used it as a pizza topping when we made those Chef-Boy-Ar-Dee pizza mixes in a box.
    Love the jingle and I miss your face.

    • Wow thanks for the trip down memory lane Mark with your bologna story!! Say hi to Al next time you see him! I miss you too!

  3. I always keep bologna, but only turkey bologna. It’s always a standoff between Abby’s (light) spam, sliced ham and my bologna. But when she starts cooking huevos con chorizo, that’s it. I give in, but I still eat the Turkey.

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