Birthday Buddies

tanner and ringoThey both play drums, they both have R’s in their name, and they have the same birthday. Tanner is 15 today. Ringo is 80. I knew that Tanner got a new drum kit for his birthday, but I didn’t know he was born on July 7th. When he told me I said “holy crap– you have the same birthday as RINGO STARR!!!” Fortunately his parents raised him right and he knew who I was talking about. He just smiled and said, “well I guess it was meant to be.” I joked that our bass player probably shares a birthday with Paul McCartney, and they will kick me out of the band when they find out my birthday doesn’t match up with John or George.

3 Responses to Birthday Buddies

  1. Does that mean the boys will be bound for greatness in the world of beatles?

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